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Blue Baby Disease is when a baby is born with a blueish or cyanotic tink to their skin. This disease got its name because of the color of the babies. The babies are usually blue due to a heart malfunction. The picture below shows Blue Baby Disease - A Closer Look at Blue Baby Diseasecolor of the baby and gives a brief discription of the condition,
The symptoms of Blue Baby Disease are :
1. easily tired
2.Low tolerance for exerice or extra exertion
3. Shortness of breath or rapid breathing
4. Difficulty breathing, eating, or sucking
5.Poor weight gain
6. Heart Murmur

The causes of this disease are generally caused by heart congential diseases. Usually babies with this disease have five congential heart diseases. They are known as the 5 T's.
1. Tetralogy of the Fallot- tetralogy is not correct
2.Transposition of the Great Arteries- arteries are switched
3.Total anomalous pulmonary venous return - veins that bring oxygen rich blood to the heart arenot connected to the left-artium
4.Truncus Arteriosus-single great vessel rises in heart
5.Tricuspid Atresia- tricuspid valve is never developed

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